Draw on Swimwear (DOS) is a manifestation of our inner child - of freedom, expression and change. Children are creative, free and innocent in ways that adults wish they could be so we here at DOS embraced that with open arms.  We embraced it and then raised it to the next level by empowering children to be the masters of their own destiny by creating designs for pieces of swimwear which can never be duplicated, one of a kind . . .  ORIGINAL! 

DOS was born out of the idea to explore a blank canvas from a child’s perspective; using the creative process to become open-minded, proud and strong individuals by producing one-of-a-kind wearable art. Collaborating with friends, communicating their feelings, expressing themselves, all the while boosting their self esteem and bringing out their inner confidence and light.

Capture your summer in pictures, frolic in it all summer long then frame it as memorabilia when you’re done, capturing all the special memories from the surf and sizzle of the season! 

DOS is 
- Sustainable 
- Local 100% Australian
- Fabric is UPF 50+ protected

DOS is a new homegrown concept patented here, sourced locally, cut and made in Sydney. All swimwear comes in a recyclable cardboard bucket and 7 special DOS waterproof or washable markers. It has special quick dry water repellent component so you can wear your swimwear all day long.

A new creative twist to the sunburnt country!